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Aviv Tasa’s Law Firm is a boutique firm specializing in the field of urban renewal. We represent apartment owners, contractors, and developers in the framework of the TAMA 38 procedures and construction evacuation procedures. Alongside the national importance of these procedures, they have tremendous economic potential for both parties.

However, due to the duration and complexity of the proceedings, its optimal implementation depends largely on the nature of legal representation. Therefore, if you are considering joining a process of urban renewal, you need a leading law firm in this field, with many years of experience and a great name under their belts.

We accompany each client from the very first stages of the procedure and provide him with a comprehensive and exhaustive legal response in every aspect. The experience we have gained, the knowledge and human capital that make up the firm, allow us to precisely tailor to each of our clients the exact legal suit to their size.

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Urban Renewal Lawyer - Tenant Representation

As part of the representation of the apartment owners, our office addresses the following issues, among others:

Choosing the Best Contractor for the Project:
At this important point, we pay attention to the contractor’s professional experience, reputation, previous projects undertaken and to what extent, as well as his financial strength and initial deal terms he offers to the condominium owners.

Negotiating the Terms of Agreement:
Our office works to achieve the most optimal conditions for apartment owners, depending on the type of project in question. Apart from maximizing the size of the apartment area, a topic that is at stake in every urban renewal process, in the construction evacuation procedures and the TAMA 38/2, for example, we are providing adequate and satisfactory alternative housing for the building owners.

Ongoing Project Support:
We are in open and continuous contact with the tenants’ representative and make sure to answer any need, question or request that arises regarding the procedure that is in progress. Our office is the link between the apartment owners and the developer, and the other professionals and we handle every problem that comes with utmost efficiency.

Dealing with Reluctant Tenants:
In quite a few urban renewal procedures, there is always a reluctant tenant who can delay the project and even cancel it in extreme cases. Although this situation causes great frustration on the part of the other tenants, we believe in calm and focused behavior on this problem. We work to talk and provide explanations and information, which in our experience can bring the tenant to change his mind and agree to the project. As needed, there are also legal solutions to the problem, including different consideration for the same tenant or filing a claim in cases of illegitimate refusal.

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Urban Renewal Lawyer - Representation of Contractors

Our firm represents many contractors in urban renewal projects. In the legal accompaniment, the following components may be listed, among others:

Advice on Transaction Viability:
There are various data points that affect the viability of the project for the contractor, firstly the land value, which will determine what price the contractor will be able to sell the apartments he will build. Whether the necessary tenant consent has been formulated or there is a reluctant tenant, we weigh the relevant data and advise the contractor on how to operate.

The Wording of the Agreement:
An orderly and comprehensive anchoring of the parties’ obligations towards each other is the heart of the matter. Therefore, when constructing an urban renewal agreement of any kind, we emphasize the preservation of the economic interest of the contractor, along with providing attractive conditions for the apartment owners. Another important issue in this regard is the project schedules, which are supposed to provide a satisfactory response to the apartment owners, but at the same time allow the contractor reasonable time and reduce the chance that the schedule will be exceeded.

Contact with the Tenants’ Representative:
In every urban renewal venture, the apartment owners appoint a representative acting on their behalf and represent the interests and desires of all tenants. As part of the contractor representation, our firm is in regular and continuous contact with the representative, for updates, questions and resolving disputes as they arise. Our goal is to enable the contractor to carry out his work quietly and treat him in connection with the apartment owners in all aspects.

This article was written by the law firm of Aviv Tasa.
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